Faroe Islands from the Air

In the summer of 2016 I spent a week in the Faroe Islands with Laura. It was an amazing adventure ripe with Viking lore, incredible hiking with dramatic landscapes in every direction, and cosmopolitan small cities with amazing food scenes. I brought my drone along for the ride, and this is my short film of… Read more »

Short Stint in Brussels

Being the beer lover I am, and the flight into Brussels being the cheapest from Vancouver to Europe, it was an easy decision to have Brussels the first stop on my 8 week romp through Europe. I only spent two days in Brussels, and was mainly just recovering from my jetlag. Due to the jetlag,… Read more »

Zoa Peak Snowshoe Adventure

Sunday a small group of us pilled into my Delica and drove east past Hope for a snowshoe adventure. I didn’t intend to go so far for the first snowshoe of the year, but due to a severe lack of snow on all of the local Vancouver mountains, it was either here, or somewhere out… Read more »

Photographing the Palouse Day 2

Day two photographing the Palouse had Lee and I back up on Steptoe Butte to shoot the sunrise. That meant waking up at 4:40am to get up there in time. It was however most certainly worth it. We got to witness a spectacular deep red sky as the valley woke up below us. As the… Read more »

Photographing the Palouse Day 1

After the road trip to Tofino, I was still itchy to get on the road, and take the my new Delica to do some more exploring. The Palouse for landscape photographers is one of those “must shoots before you die” locations. The big open fields, the contrast of colors, the subtle soft shadows as day… Read more »

Tofino Road Trip

Andrew was back in town for another week after busting his ass up north. It also just so happened that Lee was heading down to the coast, so we decided to drag Oliver along and do a quick weekend camp trip out to Tofino. It was my first time out in Tofino in in about… Read more »

My New Ride a 1995 Mitsubishi Delica

Apart from a 6 month stint when I was 16, I have never owned a vehicle*. That all changed on Wednesday when I bought this Mitsubishi Delica, freshly imported from Japan, and newly named the Delinquent. Ever since Touring Van, I have dreamt of buying a 4×4 van, that I could drive the Americas in,… Read more »

Mystic Beach Hike

I don’t visit my brother Tony enough. Especially considering he only lives a short ferry ride away in the beautiful (and craft beer haven) city of Victoria. When I do visit however, we usually go for at least one hike. This go around we did the short walk into Mystic Beach up the coast from… Read more »

Iona Beach Postcard

My good friend Kyle came to Vancouver for a new years visit. I wanted to take Kyle to a few spots in Vancouver he had never been before. One of my favorite places in the area to shoot photos is Iona Beach, and since Kyle had never been before, and the weather was fantastic we… Read more »

Snowshoe Lake Adventure

After Christmas I thought it would be fun to organize a snowshoe trip before heading back home to Vancouver. Due to time limitations, I decided on sticking somewhere close, and explore Snowshoe Lake near Edgewood in the Inonoaklin Valley. Andrew, his sister, my brother Rob, and Helmut all made it out for the trek around… Read more »

  • Daily Musings

    Nakusp Name Change

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    My open letter regarding the proposed name change of Nakusp to Nakusp Hotsprings. What is in a name? The buzz coming out of Nakusp lately seems to be around the proposed name change of the Village from Nakusp to The Nakusp Hotsprings. After reading the reasoning behind the name change it is quite clear that… Read more »

  • Quote of the Moment

    Forgo the Quest for Eccentric Marketing Genius

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    “One of the most important lessons about crossing the chasm is that the task ultimately requires achieving an unusual degree of company unity during the crossing period. This is a time when one should forgo the quest for eccentric marketing genius, in favor of achieving an informed consensus among mere mortals. It is a time… Read more »

  • Quote of the Moment

    Confines of Design

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    “Design is creative planning and communication that goes way beyond the base concept of ‘art’ and heads into the stratosphere of layering and redefining our physical/emotional/spiritual reality. I see the stuff around me as existing ‘illustration’ for the ‘designs’ I create to define my existence. Sure I have used ‘found’ images, clip art, hand-lettered type,… Read more »

  • Movie Review

    Hotel Rwanda

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    Going into this movie I had a pretty good understanding of the story as well as knowing what that part of Africa looks like. Thus I was hoping that they would stay true to both the story and Rwanda when they did this film. Lets just say I was blown away. Not only did they… Read more »

  • Book Reviews

    Rushing to Armageddon – Mel Hurtig

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    Took me a while to read this book, as usually happens when I am reading non-fiction. I started the book a few months ago then got side tracked with a few other books but started back into it a couple weeks ago and blazed through the rest of the book quite fine. Before reading this… Read more »

  • Quote of the Moment

    To Scoff at All the World

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    “A feeling of extreme uneasiness began to ferment in all young hearts. Condemned to inaction by the powers which governed the world, delivered to vulgar pedants of every kind, to idleness and to boredom… the young felt in the depth of their souls an insupportable wretchedness. The richest became libertines; those of moderate fortune followed… Read more »

  • Creative Itch

    Sorry not in service

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    Can you believe these costs? I mean I pay $50 for the specialist then another $65 for the doctor per hour this is unbelievable. That is crazy is there anything you can do about it? That is what my mom keeps asking me and I keep saying No, nothing I can do. It is horrible… Read more »

  • Creative Itch

    Reflecting Waves

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    Standing on the shores watching the waves roll onto the turf, seconds ticking at every break. Time draws short, half way through now, just half to go. A half of a half of a half to infinity. Time tells truths about me but more importantly it tells me about you. Seeing you here tonight, seeing… Read more »