My New Ride a 1995 Mitsubishi Delica

Apart from a 6 month stint when I was 16, I have never owned a vehicle*. That all changed on Wednesday when I bought this Mitsubishi Delica, freshly imported from Japan, and newly named the Delinquent. Ever since Touring Van, I have dreamt of buying a 4×4 van, that I could drive the Americas in, taking photos along the way. However I could never find a van that would fit my need, nor did I have the freedom to pursue the idea. Then this fall I started to see more and more of these right handed vehicles around town. Finally I stopped at one, wrote down the name into my pocket book, and googled it when I got home. After a little research I realized this was the vehicle I was after. Before jumping into the purchase, I decided to wait out the year, and see how I felt in January. During that time I saw Delicas all over town and couldn’t read enough good things about them. By January I knew I wanted to get one, so I set the wheels in motion to have a Delica imported from Japan. A few months later and here we are.

Here are a few photos Andrew and I took of my beast!

Written by stefan klopp

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