Tofino Road Trip

Andrew was back in town for another week after busting his ass up north. It also just so happened that Lee was heading down to the coast, so we decided to drag Oliver along and do a quick weekend camp trip out to Tofino.

It was my first time out in Tofino in in about 13 years. We stayed at the Bella Pacifica campground just outside of the village. It was probably a little early in the year to be camping, but we made due by layering up. Our first night we got completely pelted with rain, although not until later in the night after getting to explore the beaches near our campsite.

The next day, by late morning the clouds started to break a bit and we were able to explore long beach. I broke out my kite, and we had fun flying it down on the beach. A big reason for the trip was for Lee, Andrew and myself to geek out with our cameras, so we spent a lot of time shooting on the beach. I took a different approach to the day utilizing my neutral density filter to get a bit of cloud movement for some dramatic black and white shots.

On our final day we explored around Ucuelet. We went on a few rain forest hikes before heading back home. On the way back we stopped at Sproat Lake as the sun came out again. Drank a few beers there before our final trek back.

Finally here is a couple timelapses I did on Sproat Lake.

Written by stefan klopp

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