Photographing the Palouse Day 1

After the road trip to Tofino, I was still itchy to get on the road, and take the my new Delica to do some more exploring.

The Palouse for landscape photographers is one of those “must shoots before you die” locations. The big open fields, the contrast of colors, the subtle soft shadows as day begins and ends, the old abandoned buildings. The Palouse is certainly a treat to photograph. While mega-farming may have decimated the communities in this area, it sure made for some lovely scenery.

Lee and I arrived late into the area, after stopping for a quick dinner in Spokane. The drive down was slower than expected, and we arrived at Steptoe Butte about 40 minutes before sunset. It was just enough time to scope out the situation and plan our shots for the day.

I have to admit, it was a bit tough shooting on that first day there. The main problem was finding things to focus on. It was easy to just snap random shots of the fields, but random didn’t equal awesome. It took a while to start to pick out details in the fields, farmhouses, or streams to use as anchors for the shots. It was a fun struggle, especially as the sun started setting and we lost our light.

Here are some of my favorite shots of day 1 in the Palouse.

Written by stefan klopp

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