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Can you believe these costs? I mean I pay $50 for the specialist then another $65 for the doctor per hour this is unbelievable.

That is crazy is there anything you can do about it?

That is what my mom keeps asking me and I keep saying No, nothing I can do.

It is horrible how things have progressed.

What did you think of that anthropology class today?

The problem is the people were answering the questions all-wrong.

Do you believe in God? No … Dead.

Do you believe in God? Yes. My God? No. Dead.

So how is your mentor treating you?

Well he is so tired from all his work he does he doesn’t really have time. I mean he takes no interest whatsoever.


The only time he started to take interest was when I won an award, then after that he started to show up at my classes every week, it was very strange.

Judaism, Christianity, Islam, they all worship the same God in effect, yet they all push the fact there can only be one God.

Most of the separation in the world as we see it now is between the Christian west and the Muslim East and these two sides battling from the early days of history usually over things such as land.

So how come I haven’t seen you in the music hall before this year?

Well I did my first two years at UBC then after getting a summer job at the conservatory was lured in by the manager to stay in Victoria.

I really love the UVIC campus, it is so simple and homelike.

They are teaching us stuff and telling us we don’t HAVE to believe it as truth but we should know it anyway. I mean I am paying tuition fees to learn stuff that is truths, I don’t want any could be’s or personal opinions.

Performing here is so much easier than in Vancouver. I mean there are so many more people there and I was the only Caucasian girl there. It makes it tough.

I could never do it. I could barely do it here. My first three weeks of practice I could hardly muster up my voice enough to make a sound let alone sing.

So yeah my boyfriend and I broke up.

How come?

Well for starters he was 36 and I am only 24. He wanted to settle down and I can’t even dream of starting a family, having kids. ICK. Anyway I saw him a few weeks after and found out he had already had another girlfriend. It hurts. Now a few weeks after that I found out he is planning marriage. It really hurts.

Yeah I imagine it does.

… Hey Steve I am just on a bus heading downtown and I uhh.. wanted to know what was up with that car. If you could call me back soon cause I am uhh heading downtown and all.

I don’t know, I seem to only date guys over 30. I guess it is because they have done things in life, they have traveled, they have schooled, they have lived.

Yeah and they are settled, have a career, money.

True. Even so my last boyfriend was still living in an apartment and had barely any furniture. He kept on saying how he needed this or that or was going to do this, but he never did.

Wow so no ambition?

I think the first shooter up game was probably quake.

What about doom?

Well yeah doom was to but it wasn’t true 3d.

No if you look at the video games they are just so real. It really looks like I am shooting people in the head.

It is great isn’t it? To release some tension, anger.

He just smoked all his money away. You would always see him outside the hall with a cigarette in his hand. He probably smoked two packs a day.

… Hello? Hi Steve, look I am coming downtown and I want to look at that car. … oh yeah? … Ok… Umm well I am at Quadra right now and well where is this place? … Yeah…

I think I got my confidence when I went to Julliard and was used in a demonstration by this Russian teacher. He was screaming at me “Harder, Faster, Harder, Faster”. It is funny because now I can go in and know I am as good as everyone else, if not better.

… So what color of a house is it? Yeah? … OK

Yeah it is funny how that goes like that, and how you can gain it so quickly.

… Now is that a left on Government… yeah?

Excuse Me!

… Sorry about that, ok so am I going in the right direct

Thank You

No problem, it’s my job.

Written by stefan klopp

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