To Scoff at All the World

“A feeling of extreme uneasiness began to ferment in all young hearts.
Condemned to inaction by the powers which governed the world, delivered
to vulgar pedants of every kind, to idleness and to boredom… the young felt in the depth of their souls an insupportable wretchedness. The richest became libertines; those of moderate fortune followed some profession and resigned themselves to the law or the army; the poorest gave themselves up with cold enthusiasm to great thoughts, plunged into the frightful sea of aimless effort… Thus these youth found employment for their idle powers in a fondness of despair. To scoff at glory, at religion, at love, at all the world, is a great consolation for those who do not know what to do; they mock at themselves and in doing so prove the correctness of their view. And then it is pleasant to believe oneself unhappy when one is only idle and bored.”

The Confession of a Child of The Century
Alfred de Musset

Written by stefan klopp

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