Snowshoe Lake Adventure

After Christmas I thought it would be fun to organize a snowshoe trip before heading back home to Vancouver. Due to time limitations, I decided on sticking somewhere close, and explore Snowshoe Lake near Edgewood in the Inonoaklin Valley. Andrew, his sister, my brother Rob, and Helmut all made it out for the trek around the lake. It was pretty mild, and you could tell the lake was starting to thaw.

The trail out to end of the lake was pretty easy going. At the campgrounds we had a little break and drank some spiked hot chocolate. We decided to go back around the other side of the like, and discovered there wasn’t much of a trail (basically no trail at all). So we bushwhacked our way around until we finally linked back up with the other trail.

While bushwhacking we even discovered someones stash of cooking supplies and equipment. I imagine they probably left it there during the summer, as there was no sign of anyone living out there at the time. Here are some photos of our fun!

Written by stefan klopp

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