Kinsley & Tierre’s Nakusp Wedding

While visiting my parents in Fauquier, my good friend and accomplished wedding photographer, Lee Orr, invited me to second shoot on a wedding with him in Nakusp. After shooting the wedding of Brandi & John earlier that summer, I jumped at the chance to learn from a master. It was an absolute blast to get to shoot with Lee, and I definitely learned a lot about shooting a wedding. Lee came in prepared, knew the shots he wanted to take, and was excellent while dealing with everyone in the wedding party. Being second shooter was certainly a lot less stressful than doing the job alone.

As for the wedding, it was such a beautiful event on the beach in Nakusp. There was so much love between Kinsley and Tierre, their family and all their friends. Some really touching speeches at the reception, and one hell of a rendition of Under the Sea. Really glad I got to take part in their special day. Here are some of my favorite photos that I took from their wedding.

Written by stefan klopp

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