Family Photos

Last month I went to Montreal for my annual visit to spend time with my brother and his family. It was a fun two weeks in which I got to meet my new niece Azure, spend some quality time with my godson, as well as eat all those lovely foods I love so much in Montreal (poutine, smoked meat, macarons, crepes). I took a lot of photos of my azure and the rest of the family. Here are some of my shots.

Written by stefan klopp



The 1st photo is absolutely “magnific!” and boy am I happy to see there was a Halloween costume by the end of that afternoon!!


Stefan, The pie looks delicious and sweet but Azure looks even sweeter! I love the photos!


Azure is beyond darling, Stefan. You capture such real human moments in your photography! I especially like the photo where she looks so serious….her brow furrowed…as she is definitely concentrating or focusing on something in that moment… got it perfectly!

Also- your little nephew is growing up! Wow! He looks a lot like you.

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