An End of Year Road Trip

On Sunday I returned from a small trip down south. My good friends Venassa and Raphael were getting married in Colorado, so I decided to combine the wedding with a visit to my good friends Joe and Kasie in California, and a road trip across a few southern states to check out some of the national parks. It was a really epic trip, that started and ended with really good friends. The road trip itself was simply amazing. A dream come true from a photography standpoint, and something I want to do again soon. Over the next few days I will posting a few notes and photos from the trip as I make my way through my collection. Here is the first set, photos from San Clemente California, and the start of the drive to Arizona.

San Clemente was a great way to start the trip. Relaxed time spent with friends, with nice sunny weather (especially after the snowfall we were getting in Vancouver). I got to experience American Thanksgiving (twice), Weezer in concert, and see a hockey game in a non hockey market. On my finals days before leaving San Clemente I overdid it with the Mexican food, and my stomach fought back. I had visions of Montreal before my Europe trip a few years back, and was fearing my road trip wasn’t going to get off the ground. However I was lucky enough to have the wonderful Kasie around to nurse me back to health so that I was able to leave on schedule. Thanks again Kasie!

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