A Scene from New Orleans

Jason, Lester and Stefan enter Flanagan’s Pub looking for breakfast.

Stefan: “Do you serve breakfast here?”

Bartender: “This is a bar with a kitchen.”

Stefan: “So uh do you serve breakfast?”

Bartender: “I said this is a bar with a kitchen. So what’ll ya have to drink?”

Stefan: “So you serve like a proper breakfast then?”

Bartender: “You guys look real confused, why don’t you sit down.”

Jason Lester and Stefan consult each other “Does this place server breakfast???”

They sit down. Bartender hands them each a menu.

Bartender: “So what are you drinking?”

Stefan: “Do you have lemonade?”

Bartender: “No, this is a bar.”

Jason: “Can I have a hot chocolate please.”

Bartender rolls his eyes.

Bartender: “Maybe you don’t understand, but this here is a bar with a kitchen. How about a high life.”

Jason: “Alright that is fine.”

Stefan: “Can I get a Corona?”

Lester: “Yeah I will have one of those too.”

End Story. Picture of awesome bartender to follow.

He later goes on to ask if we are stoned because of how confused we look. We ask him where to get good Cajun food, he almost throws us out of the bar. “Guys, this is New Orleans, we were founded by Europeans, we eat Creole food here. Cajun is about 200 miles West in Lafayette. If you see any restaurant here ‘claiming’ to have a Cajun kitchen don’t go there.”

Anyway great bartender who inadvertently started us on a chain of events that found us eating some really amazing Creole food, and catching some fantastic Jazz.

Written by stefan klopp



Were you guys taking the piss, or were you actually that hungover? Pure awesomeness, in any event.

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