After Kangaroo Island, we headed north up to Adelaide for an evening, before flying up to Alice Springs. In Adelaide Mateo and I had a blast trying the local pie floaters, an Adelaide specialty.

Once in Alice Springs we rented a car, with camping equipment and made the 8 hour drive to Uluru. The camping gear was advertised as having 2 swags, and all the cooking equipment a person could require. Having no idea what a swag was, I thought it was just Australian for a small tent. After unpacking the car, I realized it was just a really heavy canvas sleeping bag.

It was cold in Uluru, and dropped below freezing on a nightly bases. However the swags kept us remarkably warm, and we had fun cooking for ourselves for a change. The rock itself, was pretty incredible, and getting to see it lit up and bright red at sunset was a marvel. We went on a bunch of hikes, and explored the area. A worthwhile stop, and great to get a view into the outback of Australia.

Written by stefan klopp

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