Great Ocean Road, Grampians, Port Fairy

After the 12 Apostles, and the zip-lining I realized Mateo was getting a little sick of all the coastal driving. I decided to take a detour and shoot north up to the Grampians, before heading back down south to the coast again on route to Kangaroo Island. The Grampians were a really excellent diversion, and we got to go on severally really fun hikes to some nice viewpoints, and beautiful waterfalls. Back to the coast we got into some less busy stretches of road, which made for a bit more enjoyable of a ride.

For most of the drive I had been pretty good driving on the left side of the road. However at a surf point, I needed to do a right turn to get into a parking lot. Another car was coming out of the way also wanting to turn right. Instead of turning right to the right of their car, I snuck in on the left side of their car on the shoulder of the road. Their car full of surfers all gave us a really funny look. I thought nothing of it, until Mateo asked, “Why are they looking at us so funny?”

Here are some photos from this section of the trip!

Written by stefan klopp

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